+ What are the building blocks for developing fully devoted followers of Christ? + How does a church begin to build mature believers? What simple things can a pastor do to impart the best they know of Jesus to those in their congregation? + What is the most effective manner to make disciples? + What part does spiritual formation play in strengthening the body of Christ? This site will touch and unpack these questions.

Bonhoeffer-What ruins community

A book that everyone quotes is Bonhoeffer’s Life Together. He has a very convicting manner of telling us how to live in true biblical community. Here’s the quote that has made me think a bunch today. “One who wants more than what Christ has not established does not want Christian brotherhood. He is looking for … Continue reading

Nav enews August ’14: New Level

Here’s the link to my enews for August.

The 3 year disciplemaking process I’m starting with churches.

I’m excited to be starting this process with six churches this fall. It starts working individually with the pastors strengthening their personal discipling and life coaching. We then progress with a core team equipping them to run discipleship groups. This results in changing the culture of the church. With the church becoming a disciplemaking body … Continue reading

Joining us at the Alongsider this Saturday?

Coming out to our Disciple-making Clinic? Here’s the details for Saturday. Here’s the details. Saturday April 12th, 8:29 to 2:30 Arrive a few minutes early pickup your materials and find your seat. Lifestyles 940 Town Park Boulevard, Uniontown, Ohio, 44685. (It is right by the circle in Green on Massillon Rd.) Park around back right of … Continue reading

Disciple-making Workshop this Saturday the 12th

What are the things we can do to disciple someone? Do I know enough to disciple others? What are the key skills I need to build? These are all questions we will answer at our upcoming Alongsider Clinic. From 8:30 to 2:30 we walk through those questions and strengthen skills. It is a highly interactive … Continue reading

Disciple-making training at Maranatha

March 1st we held a Clinic at Maranatha Bible Church. The day was an exciting one for the 53 attenders. They were curious how they could bump up their impact and learn how to better disciple others. I had met with a few of the pastors and church leaders a couple months past. Maranatha had … Continue reading

Three Big Events Coming up.

The next three weeks are packed with some very fun events with big opportunities for impact. Saturday Mar 1st. I’ll be leading the Ways of the Alongsider Clinic for Maranatha Bible Church. They have fifty folks coming out to learn how to sharpen their disciple-making skills. Jim Creed and Cathy Hogan have been pulling folks into the day. … Continue reading

My ministry with The Navs

What do you do all day Dane?? Here’s a great video that highlights what we do in Church Discipleship Ministry in The Navigators. The big vision is building disciple-making cultures in churches that live out the Great Commission one relationship at a time. http://youtu.be/uiLfHalICxE

Alongsider Clinic On Saturday Oct 26th

I am very excited to host our first Alongsider Clinic in Akron. This is great disciple-making workshop based off the book “The Ways of the Alongsider.” The author Bill Mowry and I will be running the interactive event. The Nav staff and I have used this book to coach many pastors. It is a helpful … Continue reading

Alongsider Clinic: strengthening discipling

It has been my privilege to walk with pastors and leaders as they consider their impact on others. One of the new tools that I’ve bumped into is the workbook “The Ways of the Alongsider.” What I have really liked about this book is that it is a workbook to process new insights. The Alongsider … Continue reading

My ministry vision: right brained & left brained

I am so enthused for this coming year. There is a lot of ministry before me. This whole year has been upward trending with growing number of ways to serve the church. Some days I am stunned at a new option to assist pastors! To get it all on paper I’ve described two ways: right … Continue reading


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