+ What are the building blocks for developing fully devoted followers of Christ? + How does a church begin to build mature believers? What simple things can a pastor do to impart the best they know of Jesus to those in their congregation? + What is the most effective manner to make disciples? + What part does spiritual formation play in strengthening the body of Christ? This site will touch and unpack these questions.

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Growing Intentional Disciplemaking Cultures

You may have heard me talk about a three year disciplemaking process. The Navigators have been working at this process for 25 years. My predecessor Dave Johnson helped test it. In the “Growing Intentional Disciplemaking Churches” or GiDC, we start with the pastor meeting every other week to coach them on life and discipling. As the … Continue reading


What we are About in The Great Lakes Region

This September I start my new role in the Navigators. Much remains the same but now I’ll also serve the Navstaff as they work to build disciplemaking cultures in churches. I’ve been a part of the team since I started in 2011. Now my duties will expand to lead our team to continue building The … Continue reading

Expanding to a New Role

As I look forward to the fall, I will have new responsibilities with The Navigators. I have been asked to be the Regional Leader of the Great Lakes. Much of my role will remain the same. I will continue serving the eight pastors and the seven churches that I am coaching. What will be different … Continue reading

Good Company in Disbelief

Not believing really is part of it. From the very start everyone struggled with thinking Easter was true. The disciples did not start there. Just look at where they were at immediately following Jesus’ death. Luke 24 brings out disbelief in the closest of Jesus’ followers. We see it first in the women who went … Continue reading

Little Steps of Christmas

We come to this beautiful season again as believers. We know the Christmas season to be loud and proud today, but way back when, it was a series of small, hidden steps that most did not see. God brought them about to a big effect. Think of the young teenager Mary assenting to this crazy … Continue reading

Let’s give better thanks!

Giving thanks many times isn’t our first response to life. In Luke 17 ten folks benefitted and only one gave thanks to Jesus. That’s not a great percentage …ten percent. I hope that’s not my percentage in my my life! So to counter this tendency here’s some good things this year I’ve seen happen in … Continue reading

What am I supposed to do??

As I’ve moved through my years with The Navigators it has become clearer what I am to do. It has been energizing to consider how I am to accomplish the vision. It’s taken the accumulation of experiences, training and time to consider to add clarity to these things. We want clarity because we don’t want … Continue reading

The spiritual discipline I didn’t like

I remember when I was living in Charleston hearing about a someone journaling. I thought that sounds so awful, like a writing in a diary. I was reminded little book with a locket that I would write everything from the day. Today I …_____. Yuck. It just didn’t sound like something I’d want to do. … Continue reading

Equipping the Chinese Church

One of the surprising outcomes of the summer was being involved with the Chinese Church of Akron. It wasn’t even on my radar in May, but in July things changed. That was fun. My friend Todd McKenney has ministered for a long time with them, particularly when he on staff at The Chapel. Todd needed … Continue reading