Surveying Your ABF

In the rush to get ready for each ABF we sometime forget to listen to those we serve. Are we being effective? Are we truely being helpful? You might be surprised. I know I have been unaware of some deficiencies in our community group.

So from time to time (at least once a year) get this survey into the hands of your ABF. They may help you see where you need attention. You will also find out what you’ve done well. Watch this summer for this survey to be available online, so this information can be compiled quickly. Download this survey to help get an accurate view of your ABF.

ABF Survey

2 Responses to “Surveying Your ABF”
  1. tom kot says:

    Thanks for the survey form. With the merger of 2 ABFs this January,the survey should be very helpful in assessing our progress.

  2. Dane says:

    TK we’ve try to do the survey a couple times a year in our ABF. We found some important holes in our ministry. That was hard to hear but good for us as an ABF.

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