Time in the Word

This summer I’ve been working through the study guide on James we handed out with our HABF James. It has been thought provoking and helpful. It made me think how important it is for me to change the way I do my time with God or my quiet time. Here’s what I’ve learned.

1. It good to have to write something down. I get lazy when I just read a passage. I can slip into just reading it and not considering deeply. Writing down forces me to make a statement about what I’ve read, what I’m thinking.

2. Using a study guide helps me to come at the Bible from a different perspective. Some questions that others come up with are so different than the angle I would have come from. I’ve learned new things from a text that I’ve often studied.

3. Sometimes I read a question from a study guide and it seems so simple, almost elementary. However, when I dig a little these “simple” questions can illuminate parts of the text.

If you’re a little stale in your devotional time try a study guide. The extra effort may prove fruitful as it has in my life. If you’d like a copy of the James study guide, let me know so we can get you one.


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