Need a Teacher?

Pastor Kober called the other day looking for one of our HABF DVD lessons. He was stuck without a lesson for one of his small groups. Kenton grabbed our lesson on “How God Reveals God” and was very quickly able to fill a need. These lessons come with a DVD video teaching, a teacher’s lesson plan and a student guide. Kenton found the right lesson and had a good time with his people.

This happens from time to time. An ABF’s teacher needs to be away on short notice and the ABF is without a teacher. There are two ways you can solve this. First, you can check the substitute list. You’ll find a number of folks who can come in on short notice. The second way is to use one of our HABF DVD lessons. Susan Markovich will be glad to help you get the materials necessary.

Substitute Teachers List

4 Responses to “Need a Teacher?”
  1. Tom Parker says:

    Would it also make sense for HABFs that are doing non-DVD lessons to post or upload lesson series that other HABF leaders could consider using or adapting to their own groups? Our HABF has done series on Colossians, Leviticus and 1 Peter. We are now doing the Sermon on the Mount. Maybe these would be starters for others. TP

  2. D Yoho says:

    Wow, this is first class. Thanks for all of the hard work. It is going to be a great resource.

  3. Dane says:

    Sharing was good when I was in 1st grade and its still good. Our best should be shared together. Send us your organized stuff and we will post it.
    Thanks Thomas!

  4. Josh Smith says: is an excellent resource for lessons, they have everything from full sermon dvd’s, sermon transcripts, handout sheets, graphics, teaser videos and much much more all for free – an awesome way that their church can minister to others and make life a whole lot easier for those of us who do this stuff week to week.

    I have done a couple of their series and found them great – it might not be a “quick fix” if you’re just looking for something to fill in the time without a lot of prep, but I’ve found it to be great for those times when I’m looking for a place to start.

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