New Teacher Training

What a great day we all had together Saturday. I am so grateful for the sharp teachers we have around us. Pastors Mike and Dave were so helpful in giving us the tools to teach. It is a bit of an art to hone your skills as a teacher. I learn something each time.

Perhaps the most important step in learning is to start with ourselves. If we aren’t growing and nurturing our relationship we will have nothing to share. John 15:5 is so key for you and me. It says that if we remain in Christ we will bear much fruit. If we don’t remain connected to Christ we are powerless. Your walk with Christ is the most important piece to teaching. Push yourself with Christ: learn, grow, rest in him, trust him. You will find that when you are moving towards Jesus you’ll have a lot more say to others. Let’s live John 15:5. Go for it.

On the sidebar you’ll notice a page for NTT. On that page you’ll find the handouts we gave out Saturday. Let us know how we can help you.


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