Guest Relations

Welcoming our guests at church is so important. I’ve been thinking a bit about this week. If you were at the Forum last Thursday night Debi Hullinger spoke us about how to help those that are new to our church. One huge idea she shared was if one person has a good experience they’ll tell six people and then those six people will tell four others. So twenty-four people hear about that one good experience. Conversely, if one person has a bad experience, they tell eleven people and those eleven people then tell five others. So a total of fifty-five people hear about this negative experience. Yikes! So….
+1 –> +6 –> +24 OR -1 –> -11 –> -55
Think about the impact you and I have each week. My helpful attitude can warm 24 people or my self-focused mindset can repel 55!
It all begins with a hello to someone you don’t know after the service. It can begin with slowing down in the hallway to look for folks that need assistance. Each of us can make a difference.


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