Do you have friends at The Chapel??

You may have seen on our Chapel eNews that we have a small survey. One caught eye.

“Do you have friends at The Chapel?”

What do you think our people responded? …Lots of friends…few friends?? The results are: Many friends 31%, A few friends 52%, None 17%. I was a little surprised because if this is accurate it says that 2/3rds of us have only a few or no friends at our church. Imagine what it would be like to walk the halls of our church and know no one.

What this tells you and me is that we have work to do. The great news is that is very easily solved. You and I are crucial in making The Chapel a friendlier place. We can do it by getting eye contact and saying hello. We help by smiling and helping people who look lost. We make an impact by pulling in new acquaintances in our circle of friends, our H/ABFs. Please consider your part and how you can encourage the people you lead to make our church a warmer place for more and more.


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