Community Goals 2013

The Chapel has been working on a five year plan for our church. These are exciting dreams for where we could be. Many of you have had input along the way. I am more excited today about what H/ABFs could become here at the church. Today and tomorrow I’ll roll out the two goals for 2013.


This hope is that we desire that everyone in The Chapel will be in a H/ABF. Right now we’re at about 48% of our people in a group as compared to worship attendance. Our desire is that 60% of our people will claim one of our campus ABFs or Home ABFs in five years.

It will take some adjustments from each of us on HOW we will reach it. That is where we want everyone to contribute their thoughts on how best to do it. Let us know by posting a comment on our blog for all to see and think.

One Response to “Community Goals 2013”
  1. Mitch McKenney says:

    I’d like some thoughts on this: We have a number of folks who can be counted on to be in class every week or at least three times a month… and when they’re not there I can bet they’re either helping in the kids’ area or on vacation. Then there’s a cohort of folks we’ll see less often in class though they usually make the service. I wrestled with how much to “push” these less-oftens. In a number of cases my care group leader can attest the folks are doing fine. But because we’re not seeing them as much, we sometimes lose track of folks who might be in a storm.
    I’ve learned to live with the fact that not everyone wants to get THAT tied in, and, to borrow a line from a smart pastor I know, people are going to do what they want to do. If we’re trying to pull currently unconnected worshippers into community, does our strategy need to include an attractive option for people who see a weekly community gathering as too much?

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