We desire that ABFs and HABFs have a ministry connection. The specific goal is that 100% of our groups would be active with a local ministry.
This goal echoes back to Abraham’s covenant with God in Genesis 12. Abraham and his descendants were, “blessed to be a blessing.” We too have that opportunity to bless our communities. I know it always good for me when I take the time to help and serve others. It not only helps us individually. It also helps the H/ABF as a whole. Groups that serve together are closer and enjoy stronger relationships. So everyone benefits: those we serve, our H/ABFs and ourselves.
We are asking for input about what that will mean. In other words, how much does this mean to have an “active” connection.
Let’s talk. We’d value your comments.

  1. Mitch McKenney says:

    My friend Dan from my Florida church 15 years ago theorized that you get to know someone just as well — probably better — while swinging a paint brush as holding a soft drink at a social. Maybe because you don’t have to mingle or “work the room,” you just talk while you work together. Haven’t seen him for 10 years but we still keep in touch… could it be he was right?

  2. Dane says:

    I like the phrase that women can connect face to face while men connect shoulder to shoulder. Guys will connect better working together.

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