Worship Service Changes Aug 24

We have a great new line up of worship opportunities which began August 24. These changes will expand the variety of styles available at The Chapel. I’m looking forward to these options.

At Akron:
9:00am, “Classic,” Worship Center
Traditional, formal, led by choir and orchestra. Sermon live.
9:00am, “resonate,” Auditorium
Casual, band-led, contemporary, intimate feel. Sermon videocast.
10:40am, “Current,” Worship Center
Casual, band-led, contemporary. Sermon live.
10:40am, “Selah,” Auditorium
New! Contemplative, minimalistic, meditative, multi-sensory. Piano, small
musical combinations. Sermon videocast.
6:40pm, “illuminate,” Worship Center
Edgy, band-led, contemporary. Sermon live.

At Green:
9:00am, “GC:blend,” Worship Center
Mix of styles with choir, orchestra, worship team, and band. Sermon
10:40am, “GC:band,” Worship Center
Casual, fun, band-led, contemporary. Sermon live.
10:40am, “GC:traditions,” Senior High Room
New! Small, traditional feel, worship from the hymnal, lower volume. Sermon videocast.


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