Lifestyle Discipleship Chapter 1

I just started this book. Jay likes this book, so I thought I’d read through it too. Jim Petersen sets the table in the first chapter …there is something wrong with discipleship today. He believes our culture has changed so much in the last decades. Most of our culture doesn’t have a biblical background. Many more people today were not brought up in the church. Much of what used to work in discipleship isn’t effective now.

What are people thinking today? Petersen throws out that we are relativistic, pluralists, & privitists. All these affect how people interact with the truth of the gospel. In fact, our faith today seems out of place in our American smorgasbord of beliefs.

Unfortunately much of the world’s views creep into the church’s thinking too. In this questioning context of truth and faith how do we help transform this generation.

Let’s see what Petersen says about discipling today.


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