Insiders…. L.D. ch2

We’ve talked about this idea of being an insider for a number of years. Its usually been in the context of evangelism. We reach out to those around us that we already know. Petersen here says that this is also a strategy for our discipling others.

The Old Testament was “come and see” and when Christ came the strategy changed to “go to & proclaim.” We are to incarnational in our evangelism and in our discipleship. In my former ministry, I spent hundreds of hours hangin out with students. I was building relationships with as many kids as I could. I was always amazed how much benefit came from this investment in people. If it worked with snot nosed high school punks :^) it will work with anyone.

So the question is….Who am I an insider with? Family members? Friends? Neighbors? I must see these folks as people the Lord has placed in my life to help them take the next step towards Christ.


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