Faith, Hope and Love?

This chapter is where Petersen gets down to the specifics of discipleship. Here are three big ideas he shares. 1) Parental Discipleship, see 1 Thes 2:7, 2) Christ is the Foundation, 1 Cor 3:10-11, 3) Faith, Hope & Love.
As I remember back on my own discipleship, I can see clearly the effect of parental discipleship. My mentor Tom Hammon helped lead me to Christ. He encouraged me to grow and he spurred me on in my leadership development. Tom was a really like a spiritual dad to me. He put his arm around me at times. He inspired me through his deep devotion to Christ and the scriptures. It was through this relationship that I owe much of my love for Christ. In fact, Christ was all that Tom talked about and pushed me towards. I am so grateful.
What intregues me from this chapter is Petersen’s push towards faith, hope and love. These three are seen in so many places in scripture. Hebrews 10 which I just taught in my ABF has these 3 peppered through the chapter. Yet I’ve never used these as the focal points of my discipleship. I’ve usually focused on the Nav Wheel, the 7 Characteristics of a Disciple, not faith, hope and love. I need to consider how to integrate these. Why? Petersen believes they are the sign that Christ’s truth has taken hold of a person. He believes that they also lead to the rest of the virtues of our faith.


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