Personal Discipleship Investment

I was really challenged by a number of the quotes in Petersen’s chapter four. Page 60 he writes, “Individual personal attention is a very powerful form of ministry. It is also costly.” Yes! Personal attention, personal discipleship takes a lot of time. I actually think this is the piece of discipleship that is so needed. We are much more comfortable in big groups teaching. We do it well in our services and ABFs. There is a caution though. Petersen adds, “But there will be no backbone of strong men and women to give energy and direction to the rest.”
My job, your job as a teacher/leader needs to be not only teaching the big group, but also the few and the one. Jesus did it himself. He had the 5000, the 500, the 70, the 12, the 3. He invested in all. Yet he invested way more heavily in the 12 and the 3.
Paul wrote it so well in 2Tim 2.2. “The things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to reliable men, who also be able to teach others.” So who are the individuals you’re pouring your life into? It can only be a couple. It is a big investment in one or two. The payoff is incredibly powerful.
Teaching the Big Group


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