The battle in discipleship

Helping folks move forward in their discipleship is a battle. Petersen reminds us chapter 5 of the spiritual struggles in scripture: Romans 7&8, Gal 5:17. Our old nature and the new one implanted by Christ are vying for supremacy. Its in this struggle that we find ourselves as spiritual parents.
I can agree with it being hard. Wow just today a friend of mine and I were discussing how to help a young believer struggling to understand scripture. I’ve watched and helped friends struggle with deep seeded issues in their lives. Some ending well, others not. Imagine Christ’s struggle with the disciples. Were they getting it? They were so competitive, so prideful. In fact, Jesus commitment to helping them mature kept going up to the very last hours of his earthly ministry. It was a battle for Jesus even at his most excruciating times in his life.
So how do you help someone to forge through the battle and achieve maturity? Petersen has some ideas on page 77. The first person to get those to me will win a prize. Let us know the answer!


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