Genesis coming up in November

The book of Genesis is coming up for our sermon series starting in November & running through January. We have a number of resources available. Pastor Sartarelli’s audio of the Genesis walkthru is available. Contact Karan. We also have Paul’s favorite commentary on Genesis available for $10.

Here’s one other resource from my friend Dale Saylor …
The Book of Genesis – The Smart Guide to the Bible Series; Thomas Nelson Publishers, copyright 2007; ISBN 1-4185-0993-0

This is a book that offers ABF teachers an opportunity to understand the ‘Genesis Story’ in an easy-to-read overview of the Bible’s first book. This is not a traditional commentary. Instead, it offers insights into characters and customs of the day as opposed to complicated explanations and detailed time lines.

The Book of Genesis – The Smart Guide to the Bible Series has study helps that alert you to commentary you might find thought-provoking, challenging, or encouraging. It notes ‘key points’ that should be emphasized in your lessons, ‘application’ opportunities for your folks, notes from noted Bibles scholars and writers, [Lee Strobel, R.C. Sproul, C.S. Lewis, J.I. Packer, A.W. Tozer, Oswald Chambers, Dallas Willard, and others].

Let us know if we can help you get ready for this great book.



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