Must read chapters! 6,7 & 8

My friend Gary Glosner pulled me aside the other day to talk about three chapters in Lifestyle Discipleship…6, 7 & 8. He got me excited to read them and was not disappointed!
Chapter 6 is pushing us to consider, “Becoming a Christian means signing on for a lifetime of change.” p.79 You and I have been given a goal in our discipleship. We must seek transformed followers of Jesus. We’re not hoping folks clean up their act, but desire deep internal change that effects their whole being.

Petersen suggests that must happen first with our worldview, then in our values and finally it effects our behavior. This process is not easy as Petersen’s chapter 7 says. There is lots battling against this transformation. As Romans 7 tells us…I do the things I don’t want to do…who will rescue me from this body?? Who can’t agree with the battle within and the battle outside of us.

How will we be able to help others and ourselves transform? The answers are in chapter 8 and we’ll look at that next week. Below is a diagram I found this last weekend when one of our missionaries came to my ABF. I thought it was helpful explaining worldview and more.


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