Tranformation is possible! 8

I was walking through some stuff the other weekend. I needed to get past it. I sat down to read chapter 8 of Lifestyle Discipleship. My girls were shopping and I got to hang out with a coke in the commons.

Well here’s what Petersen says about this transformation process we so desire in our lives and in those we lead. He suggests there’s seven factors: Experience, The Scriptures, Struggle, Humility, The Spirit, Self-control & Community. Read his chapter for how it all fit together. Good stuff.

But here’s one I want to highlight. Humility, the virtue none of probably really want. Its hard to let God be in charge. Its hard to not have every thing right. Its hard to allow others the more important seat or position. Humility, you also can’t brag you have it. :^)

Here’s what stuck out to me. I’ve been reading the book of Matthew and I stumbled on just as I was reading this chapter in Petersen two stories. In Matthew 18 & 19. Who’s the greatest in the kingdom? Jesus lifted up as the example children. Humble as a child. How important it is for me to be humble and teacheable as God wants to change me. We have a choice when a difficult circumstance breaks into our lives. Will I learn from it? Will I seek God’s wisdom? Will I pray for it?

If I am unwilling to be like a child and be humble/teachable I won’t be able to become more like Christ. It is tough …and yet I finally give in and allow the Lord to teach me life becomes that abundant life Jesus spoke of in John 10:10.

May the Lord help you in this first step.


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