The Secret of Spiritual Growth

Our time in scripture is the foundation of all we do in Christ. This truth has come home to me this fall in a fresh way. You and I need time in God’s Word.

Here’s my journey this fall about the importance of the Bible. First, at Leadership Summit (which is the Willow Creek video conference we do every year) Hybels was pushing their latest survey called “Follow Me.” After folks from over 200 churches, including The Chapel, gave input the most important finding was …the Bible’s impact on our transformation. Second, I bumped into Isaiah 55. This is a beautiful passage about the power of God’s word. It will do what He desires. It will causes us to flourish. See verses ten & eleven. These two got me pushing harder on my time in my Bible.

Just this last week I got another nugget from the Lord. I was reading Mark 4:24ff. The warning? Be Careful to Listen! The promise? The Measure You Use, it Will Be Measured to You. In other words if I invest in reading and listening to God’s Word, then I will reap what I sow. Read the section in the New Living Translation. It is powerful!

Here’s great qoute by D L Moody.
“An old writer said that some books are to be tasted, some to be swallowed, some to be chewed and digested. The Bible is one that you can never finish with. It is like a bottomless well; you can always find fresh truth gushing forth from its pages. ‘No Scripture,’ said Spurgeon, ‘is exhausted by a single explanation. The flowers of God’s garden bloom not only double, but sevenfold; they are continually pouring forth fresh fragrance.’ Hence the great fascination of constant and earnest Bible study. I thank God there is a height in the Book that I have never been able to reach, a depth that I have never been able to fathom.”

The Secret …its my time reading (and living) the Bible. Get on a reading plan today. Make a goal to read through the Bible this next year. I have some Bible reading plans in my office or you can go on to the web and find many. The Navigators has great resources. The NIV website a plan on their website.

Read God’s Word you’ll benefit so greatly this year.


One Response to “The Secret of Spiritual Growth”
  1. BILL SAUS says:

    Thanks for the instruction and guidance about reading the BIBLE and seeking wisdom from the HOLY SPIRIT.
    The LORD gave a great insight into our future in PSALM 32:8.

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