Discovering What Drives You

I had an opportunity recently to attend a seminar on conflict resolution. Its connected with Ken Sande’s ministry called Peacemakers. Sande wrote a book each of us should read in community, “The Peacemaker.”
As I prepared for the workshop we had an assignment relating to a recent conflict we had. It was hard to do. The questions were tough because it was cutting right at my motives and attitude. ouch!
The short gist of it is…

Our DESIRES (good and bad) can lead to EXPECTATIONS, which can lead to DISAPPOINTMENT which leads to JUDGMENT & leads to PUNISHMENT.

Sande’s encouragement to us is look at who you are punishing or judging and work backwards to find sinful desires and expectations. That exposes our values or idols we are holding on to.

Note from the attached handout our opportunity when we have unmet desires. Instead of expectations (I desire this!) we can choose to trust God for those desires. We can leave it with our Father who loves us to meet that desire OR not. Its His choice.

Important stuff for us to digest and know.


This handout is from my ABF this past Sunday. The second page is what you want to read.


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