How are you serving

I was with my friend Garth yesterday and we talked about the good things his HABF was doing together serving. They had a wonderful time working and enjoying each other. So many of us learn better shoulder to shoulder.

We’ve talked this year about our Embrace Tomorrow goal of “Every Group with a Ministry.” Its a good thing for us to bless the world and yet we’re blessed as we do it too. hmm maybe its a godly principle? If you’re looking for a ministry try our page “Every Group with a Ministry.”  You’ll find our Mercy Partners to be a great place to serve in a way that will fit your group.

There is another way to find a ministry….

From Bill Search’ book on p 113 he writes, “Cultivating missional lives is not an event but a way of life. The group engages each member to keep an open ear and eye to watch for ways to serve and testify for Christ in work, home, neighborhood, and school.” I like this. Be ready that needs are all around you and you group. God does have some good things right near you.




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