Closing the Back Door

There’s a phrase out there about viewing the flow of people through an ABF as our Front Door and our Back Door. How you greet and pull people in is crucial for the life of your group. But we can’t forget the back door, when people miss a few weeks or stop coming all together.
I have become much more aware of the importance of our back doors. This past January I dropped my membership at my health club, which I had used for the past 6 years. What surprised me was that I never followed up. I didn’t get a letter, email, or a call. …Note to self, “Follow up with people.”
However, I’ve found an even more important reason to close the back door. I can’t believe how powerful they are! When you call, people are grateful you phoned. They feel loved, missed. When you call, you may find out some difficult things in their lives. You can love them and help them through the hard things. As awkward as it feels to call someone who’s missed I’ve been amazed how many opportunities I have to help and love people.
Isn’t that what Jesus asked Peter to do in John 21? Feed my Sheep. Closing the Back Door is a great way to care for God’s people.



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