Closing the Back Door: when to call

Last week we talked about the Back Door. People come into our groups and sometimes don’t come back. This is the back door.

People leave for a number of reasons: they get out of the habit, they get busy with others things, they get hurt, they think the group doesn’t like them, or difficult person issues arise.

So when do you call people if they’re not showing up? First you need to have some form of taking attendance subtly. Next, you need to decide when you’ll call. I think the best pattern for ABFs is at three weeks missing, five weeks and seven. At three weeks the care group leaders can call/email. At five weeks the leader calls or emails. And at seven weeks the teacher speaks with them personally. For HABFs I think it should be 1 week and 4 week follow up.
This system is nice because it involves a number people, so no one burns out making calls. It allows for multiple touches, so folks can’t slip out the back door. And you find that people are really grateful for the touch.

Next week we’ll talk about what to say when you follow up.


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