Closing the Back Door: the call

Making sure people don’t slip out the back door of your group is a great way to extent care for your people. So when you’re ready to make the call what do you say?

I’ve found that a simple statement, “Hey we’ve missed having you around,” gets the conversation going. My experience is  people may feel a bit embarrased that they haven’t come around, but usually they are thankful and surprised someone took the time to call. I’ve heard sad stories of difficulty in their lives. This is a time for me to pray. I’ve heard them recount the craziness of their schedule.

The second statement I make is, “Is there anything we can do?” I might find we can bring meals over or help. Generally I find they don’t need help. They like to know someone is thinking of them.

I usually end the conversation with prayer particularly if they expressed some difficulty. It is powerful to help people as you pray for them right there on the phone.

As I hang up I’m reminded that these conversations aren’t awkward. These follow up calls are great ministry opportunities.



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