Community lessons from Running

Community while I’m running?? No I’m not crazy. I really did experience it Saturday at the Akron Marathon. I talked to a number of my friends along the way. Here’s three things I observed.

1) Things are better with someone is with you. My old friend Jim and I had a wonderful time catching up as we bumped into each other on the run. Those miles seemed to pass quickly as we talked about our family and work. God did makes us to be together. Gen 2:18

2) Encouragement. One thing you watch in races is there are so many people encouraging each other in the race. I think its much how Christ wants us to help others in life. People cheer each other, help each other. A guy named Phil stopped with me when I was cramping. He gave me salt. We ran together for a while. It kept me going. Later I found Steve Hyatt toward the end of the race. We were both struggling. We encouraged each other. We laughed as we walked and ran to the finish. Hebrews 10:24 & 25

3) Humility. As I ran into Canal Park I was so excited to finish. Just as I was about to step across the finish I got a huge cramp in my leg. I literally couldn’t move. I stood there for a while. I was two feet from the finish! Finally my leg loosened up and I could get over the finish line. I was less than graceful in front of the whole stands. :^) 1 Pet 3:8



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