The power of story, part 2

Here’s a couple things that have worked well in groups I’ve been a part of.

1) Share how you met. Ask a couple beforehand to share their story of how they met and eventually got married. This always evokes big smiles and connection for the couple. And it endears them to the group.
2) F.O.R.M. This acronym stands for four areas to ask questions: Family, Occupation, Recreation, Mission. Ask, “Tell me about your Family. What has been your vocation? What do you do for fun? How do you serve others? You’ll be surprised how quickly you find connection with others. You will have things you share that you never knew.
3) Draw your dinner table as a kid. I’ve attached a document called “Kitchen Table” giving the details. This is a fun creative way to share your story. Thanks to Lyman Coleman who came up with the idea. Lyman has taught the church for many years how to do small groups.

Kitchen Table


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