Staying flexible and teachable is crucial for our growth. Christ chided the Pharisees for not being “new wine skins”, but being old and rigid skins. We must find a way to keep ourselves on a growing edge. You’ll love the new things you read and experience. And you’ll be thrilled to pass it on to your people!

We have lots of opportunities to grow and strengthen our leadership. A number of us are going to a satellite conference this Saturday given by Willow Creek. I know I’ll come back with a couple good things to practice. Pastor Sartarelli is putting together a series to stimulate our minds called Bathos. This Nov 6 & 7 Os Guiness will talk to us about worldview. See our website for more details. .  Jeff Martell is working at our Teacher Training coming up this Nov 14. A great chance to learn to teach more effectively. You and your assistant teachers should join us.

All these help us to continue to learn.


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