Galatians Curriculum Sneak Peak

Want to see a sneak peak at our Galatians Curriculum??

I’ve attached a draft of our upcoming lessons. Our curriculum team is working on the lessons right now. Here’s how we’ve designed them.

You’ll notice that there are two main sections for the lesson: a group building component and a biblical part. Both are crucial in community. In fact, think of how we’ve named our community groups over the years: Adult Bible Fellowship. Right in our name we have these two pieces. I believe both are crucial a healthy community. To leave one out is a mistake. So in our curriculum groups we will have time to get to know each other better. Groups will also have time to discuss and think about the sermon. Additionally, since our focus for our Galatians Group are the 45% that haven’t gotten into an ABF, we made them accessible for most people. We went for lessons that will help interpret and find application to our lives. These guides may not satisfy those who want to dig into Greek and grammar, but we’ll all have opportunity to see how the scripture connects in our daily life.

Check out the lesson here. gg-teacher-ch1-15_24


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