Galatians Curriculum 1:1-14

Here’s lesson one in our twelve week series. Galatians Groups do not need to download it this week. All materials will be provided at our January 12th launch in Green. For those in H/ABFs following along enjoy this first lesson.

We’ve chosen to focus this first lesson on what is the gospel. The apostle Paul gives a great summary of the gospel in verses 3 through 5. Consider how you can help your folks figure out the depths of this good news. Paul knew it was so precious that he has very powerful words to those who would distort it. See previous post for details on using the curriculum.

As our Pastor Paul (Sart) looks forward to this series he wants us to consider the following.

“A key verse is 5:1—for freedom, Christ has set you free, therefore stand!”  The issue is not so much justification by faith but rather sanctification by faith (cf. 3:2, 5:25).  (This is an important distinction that I will hammer home time and again in the messages.)  Paul’s readers were already believers but they were being snookered into adding works to their sanctification experience—much like we do!  Even the section on the fruit of the Spirit (which Paul ends by saying “about which there is no law”–meaning the Law can never produce inward goodness in us) is all about the fact that we are sanctified by the Spirit not by law or works.”

Here we go.

Galatians 1:1-14


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