Galatians Curriculum Ch 1:11-24

What a great time we all had Tuesday night at our Launch. It was so much fun for us to see your groups interacting. God is good and he moved to make the evening a success.

Here’s week two of our series. The big idea this week is …what’s your story. In this section of Galatians Paul writes a lot about his spiritual journey. Its almost like his testimony of his conversion. He has a before his conversion, his conversion story & what happened after his conversion right in this text. It was his unique story of God’s movement in his life.

This week you’ll have the opportunity to share with your group what your journey with Christ has been. Take the time this week to write your story down. Condense it to about 6 minutes. You won’t be able to share everything and it may not even be appropriate for the group yet. You’ll have enough time to share the big parts of God’s wooing you to himself. Touch base with your coach if you have questions about putting it together. Your story is powerful and moving even if you met Christ as a 5 year old or came to him through much turmoil.

You may need to shorten your Group Time at the front end if it goes much past 25 minutes. I really like this exercise. Its fun, safe and helps us to tell others a bit of who we are.

We will pray for you.

Teacher-Student Guide Ch 1:11-24

If you’re having trouble downloading you will also be able to pick up the curriculum at any of our Welcome Centers on Sunday morning. If you want to make copies of the student guide contact Stephanie for our copy code.


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