The Bible Study that didn't teach me anything.

I was meeting recently with a group of guys for a Bible Study. We opened up the Bible. We read. We discussed. It seemingly was a “good” Bible Study.

But I really didn’t get a thing out of it. Nothing really hit me. Has this ever happened to you? You go. You read. You study. You even have an animated discussion. Yet you really leave with nothing that sticks.

Something did get me thinking that day, though. There was something that has made me think and meditate way beyond the study.

What was it?

As I watched one of the guys tell his story. As he talked about a tough positions he’s in. I was listening and taking notes. I watched as he dealt with this tough turn at work. He didn’t whine. He didn’t complain. He knew he had a lot of hard work ahead of him, hard work. He was courageously facing his challenges. I was taking notes. I was being challenged to face life with faith and courage. I saw in him how the Lord wants us to face every obstacle.

What I’m left with from that study was not the lesson I prepared. The only thing I can remember is this guy’s courage and lack of whining.

This is why you meet. Its not just opening the Bible and discussing it. Its more. The relationships and the examples of godly living are right there in front of us. Next time you’re in your group be ready to learn a bit differently. Look to the great lives the Lord has put around you. You may learn some powerful lessons.


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