Galatians 2:1-10

I was talking with a friend this week about group that he attended at his church. He told me the lesson was a snoozer. It was awkwardly presented and hard to follow. There was a good number of people at the meeting. I asked my friend did the people come back the next week? He said, “Yes.” hmmm. Its not always about the lesson. Jay Halley has a saying, “People come for the teaching but stay for the community.” The power of relationships can’t be minimized. The lesson may not be the pinnacle of teaching but the relationships are a crucial force in your group.

Don’t forget to do the Group interaction at the front end of your lesson. It helps bind people together.

This is a great sermon this weekend. We will be looking at in the sermon and in the lesson how we maintain the integrity of the gospel. We cannot add anything to our salvation. It is by grace. We can probably say that easily but living it …wow that’s hard. Why do we feel the need to something else to grace? Is it our competitive nature? (I must look better than others.) Is it because we have a sense of guilt, real or false guilt?

Ultimately the big question is how can you and rest in Christ’s forgiveness, mercy and grace?

Enjoy the lesson.

Week 3: Teacher-Student Guide 2:1-10


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