Commentaries for Galatians

Preparing yourself to teach involves a number of steps. Reading the passage a number of times helps to familiarize yourself with the important points. One reading just doesn’t do it. You need a number of readings over a number of days to clarify the message. That process is followed by gathering the main points and ideas so that you can write down a Big Idea and questions that help support this point.
After you’ve spent time in the text it is a good habit to look up a few commentaries to see if what God has put on your heart has some agreement with others. We’ve placed a number of copies of Stott’s & McKnight’s commentaries in our libraries. Take advantage of them. Only ABF teachers can take them out.
Here’s one other commentary that’s always available. Ray Stedman’s sermons are all online. He preached through the whole Bible. His sermons are a good source of insight and almost a commentary themselves. Check out his site at
Enjoy your preparation.


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