Don't miss great teaching from your audience

I was in my ABF this Sunday. We are following along in Galatians. We were talking about grace and why we struggle to understand it and live by it. Towards the end of the teaching time something really surprising happened. One of our friends began to explain his experience with finding grace as an adult. He was powerful. He was touched and moved by God’s goodness to him. His brief words about the power of God’s grace was pinnacle of what we were attempting to discuss. I hope everyone was listening because it was good.

I thought about this episode after our ABF was over. Teaching is a lot about preparation. Its also so very unexpected. God can use anyone in your room. Up to that point in the hour we had good interaction and laughter. However, the emotional plea in the lesson came not from the teacher, but from someone sitting in the audience. I am grateful that God uses every means to teach, illuminate and mold. Be ready powerful words from your people.


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