Galatians 2:11-21

Hypocrisy can creep in. Subtly it can become a part of our lives. Then one day we look and see that our lives don’t match what we believe. That’s exactly the focus of the lesson this week. It happened to Peter, the rock which the church was built upon. It can happen to you and me.

Our Group interaction this week is a fun, easy revealer of our life as a kid. “The Kitchen Table” exercise is a great platform for folks to share a bit of what it was like around their dinner table. You’ll need plenty of paper or cardstock and crayons or markers. The idea is to draw your dinner table with the various siblings and parents in their seat. Use colors, metaphors to illustrate the dynamics, relationships and anything that will help others in the group understand their life at this period.

The Kitchen Table is a good set up to what we’ll be doing the final two weeks. We’ll be asking individual members to share their spiritual journey, much like you did week 2. You might want to ask one or two people after this week 4 meeting to share during the upcoming meetings. We’ll tell you more next week how to set it up.

Keep up the great work. God is moving in good ways in our groups.

Teacher-Student Guide – Galatians 2:11-21


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