Best, easiest event to connect with your Group

We just had the best night with our ABF last Saturday. We did an event that was so fun and enjoyable. Our people didn’t want to leave!

Mike and Cheryl Kline our ABF leader and his wife set up the night. We combined the best of the dating world: a movie and a dinner. Yep it was that simple. We went to the cheap $1 theater down in North Canton and then we to dinner together. Thirty-five dollars for the whole evening per couple.

We had fun watching a movie together. Someone threw popcorn. We texted each other like high school kids. Then we went to dinner. Folks didn’t leave the dinner until almost 10pm!

Here’s why I liked it better than dinners for six. One, no one had to cook dinner. The wives got the night off. Two, no one had to clean their house. My duty is usually cleaning every bathroom in my house. I didn’t have to do it. yehaw! Three, I had the opportunity to connect with several folks at the movie and then several others around the table.

I’m glad we did our dinner and a movie. We’ll be doing it again.


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