Connecting within your Group

Two big things need to happen in your meeting. Without these you won’t go far. With these you’ll have impact beyond your imagination, impact that will go way beyond the scope of your group.

What are these two things?? They are your relationships and your time around the Bible. I come from a church that has a great heritage of the Bible. We teach it, learn it and try to live it. Sometimes in our effort to be biblical we forget how valuable these relationships are.

With shallow connection in your group your Bible time will diminish in impact. People won’t share as deeply. They may go home with some knowledge but they won’t be as deeply changed if they knew their people better.

We’re not talking about folks sharing every crack and crevice, every last thought in their brains. You might have been a part of a meeting when someone began to share everything and the group just wasn’t quite ready. Maybe over time they’d get there. Sometimes people just don’t know how to reveal an appropriate level. Groups are like an onion. We have layers that need to slowly be told.

We are talking about them sharing their story, their journey. How did they get to here today? Who were they as a kid, as high school student. Who are they as result today. These stories help knit the group together. Slowly over time the group begins to feel like …a group and not a collection of different people.

One of the exciting things about working with a group is to watch the impact of one person sharing their story. It completely changes the dynamics and intimacy.

Now the question is how do you get a group to share with each other?


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