Connecting in your Group — First Steps

We’ve had great time this winter with our short-term small groups called Galatians Groups. One of our goals with this campaign was to to have good time around the Bible & with these new relationships. We believed that if we had significant connection in meetings that we’d have the best chance that they’d want to become permanent groups.
So if we got the people to begin to share their lives they might stick together after the short-term experience. I believe its true. Significant relationships means greater impact.
Therefore, all of us should consider how to begin the process of getting to those they are meeting with. Thinking through how you can begin to share is the first step. I remember in my early days of youth ministry they called them ice breakers. These are simple questions that foster discussion and self-revalation. These aren’t questions that make you spill your guts. They are at comfortable levels of sharing.
Here’s an example. Where was the center of warmth in your home growing up? This allows participants to reveal a bit on the surface or maybe go deeper. The fact that the question doesn’t force complete revalation makes it comfortable. I think more will feel safe & in the long run you win.
Here’s another one I like after a group has been together for a few weeks. It comes from Lyman Coleman. Describe your kitchen table when you were growing up. What were the dynamics around the table. Who sat where? What was fun, good or awkward? Bring paper, markers and give the people ten minutes to draw it. Then let people share their table.
Your first steps in getting to know each other are important. Its not a time filler until you get to the Bible study. These are important building blocks for your group. It might feel a bit silly or shallow but it will pay off as you begin to know each other. Start connecting.


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