Galatians 4:8-31

Don’t forget how important the relationships in your groups are. Its great to have a powerful Bible study. We want that to be a significant part of our groups. (ECO) Just remember they can get a better Bible study online or on the radio. There are literally hundreds of sites, mp3s, programs they can check into every day. AND, I hate to admit it, they’re better than us, probably every time.

But what they don’t have is you. They don’t have relationships they can enjoy in these other media possibilities. Remember how important your Prayer Time in your group is. How will you take it to the next level of intimacy?? How will you get your group to share their story? I never get tired of hearing someone’s testimony. I heard a friend’s last night. I was moved by God’s hand in my friend’s life.

So what am I saying? Don’t blow off your Group Time. Make it work for your group.

Enjoy the lesson.

Teacher-Student Guide – Galatians 4:8-31


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