Best Greek Help on the Web

If you’ve not used the Net Bible you need to check it out. It has the best help on studying the Greek on the web.

Here’s the great features. Like most sites you can lookup the Bible passages and do word searches. But this site really takes off is when you go verse by verse. It has shows you eight separate translations of that verse. They include their NET translation and the NIV, NLT, Message, NASB, BBE, NRSV, NKJV. So you can look at some of the most used versions to compare verse by verse. net-bible-greek-helps

Then they add some more features. Below all these versions they also include a section that parallels it with the Greek or Hebrew. If you move your mouse over a word in English or Greek it will highlight it both translations. So you can see the English equivalent in the Greek or visa versa. That speeds up our word digging through lexicons and trying to get to the root word.

Also as click on a Greek word it gives the Strong’s # and a definition. If its a verb another number to the right gives you the verb tense. You can get the explanation of the verb tense and even what Aorist means.

I’m throwing away my BDB. This is way faster. And there’s no advertisements. Enjoy it today at


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