Connecting in your Group — After

Some of the best connecting doesn’t happen in the meeting itself. Its surprisingly so.
I found this out in a group that I was a part of. We’d meet and it would be pretty good. We’d study the Bible. We’d pray for each other. We did have some solid connection.
One time my friend Greg invited me to go for a run. During our exercising I found out something. We actually shared more on the run than we did in the meeting. It was funny how much better our time after the meeting was.
Here’s the point. Connection doesn’t just happen in the meetings. It can happen even more significantly before or after. So be ready for the time when the meeting is not going on.
We’ve found this to be true in our home groups. The best breakthroughs in our relationships have happened after the meeting is over. The casual time around coffee. The time in the driveway isn’t a throw away. It could be the best opportunity you’ll have to go to a new level.
After the meeting is over sometimes people feel more comfortable telling one person the real thing on their heart. They may not have felt like they could share it in the meeting, but one on one they will. It can also happen that the entire meeting is peeling away layers and your guests are now feeling more comfortable once the meeting is over.

Be ready for your time afterwards can really be a difference maker in the intimacy of your group.


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