Don't give up your confidence

My habit in studying scripture is to try to find one thing that speaks to me. I’m looking for the one thing that hits me deeply. There are many days I read and close my Bible. It’s hard to find anything significant. Yet there are days that I sense God pointing right at a verse or a word from scripture. Here’s the one from this week.

Hebrews 10:35 “So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.” This verse follows a section in chapter ten that talks about the difficulties, the sacrifices the believers were going through. It was hard and painful for these followers. And so the writer says, “Don’t throw away your confidence.” In other words, hold on to your faith. Hold on to your trust that God will work things out for His good.

How quickly we throw away the belief that God is still active and able to do great things. I’m saddened by my lack of courage, my lack of faith as the things of life hit me and those I love. Think of the things that cause us to quit the life of faith: set backs, difficult relationships, job issues, walls we’ve hit many times, finances and well you fill in the blank.

The good word to us is, Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence! Faith is walking not by sight as Hebrew 11:1 pushes us. Our life is going to have plenty of moments that can shake anyone’s confidence. You and I will need to walk by faith. Scary, but exhilarating when we finally get there. Be of good courage. He is with you today, this moment.

Here’s one more thing for us to remember not only is the Lord with us, there is a reward. When we live in confident faith there is a reward. Maybe not today or in the near future. It might be that we are only rewarded in eternity. As we go through those moments of doubt and fear we must additionally remember that there is a reward for this courageous life.


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