Confidence — Part 2

Here’s some more of this issue of  “not giving up our confidence” from Hebrews 10:35. Where do we get the strength to not give up this confidence in the Lord??

First, we can gain confidence from others. As I reviewed my journal this week one of the passages was from Hebrews 3:12 …But exhort one another every day so that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. We need each other so we don’t give in to sin. As I exhort another believer I might strengthen them in their confidence. I need you. We need each other to help us in the battle of faith.

The second verse I ran into this week was Psalm 25:1, 2. We gain confidence from the Lord. “O my God in you I trust.” As we rest in the Lord we are able to move out in confidence in every area of our life. We need the Lord. He must be our place of hope. As that happens I can life with distinctive courage and confidence.

Where do you gain confidence??


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