Another lesson for Gal 5:13-26

I had a lot of fun getting ready for this passage this week. There are some great Greek words that illuminate further the text. You can see the raw data on my previous post or get to the shorter version in the lesson.

For my ABF this Sunday, I’ll have us read through the text a couple times and work at finding some answers. We’ll look at what we learn from repeated words, what the struggle is and what our wish list for the fruit of the Spirit. I’m interested to see how a large group works through it. Here’s the ABF lesson. Galatins 5-13 Summit

I like when I’m teaching to give each person a chance to answer the question. This student handout gives everyone a chance to figure out some things from the Bible themselves. If they learn it themselves, we have a much better chance they’ll remember and use later on.



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