Coaching Lesson

Recently, I had a breakfast set with one of our group leaders. We hadn’t sat down and caught up with them in a while. We had a good discussion catching up and listening to what was working …and what was not. It was fun to think through with them how to do it better.

I didn’t know it was that good. About an hour after I was back in the office my friend called me to say how much he appreciated the time we had together.  I was surprised he got so much out of it. I was late for the breakfast. The conversation was good. Yet he and his wife really enjoyed the time. By the way, I did too.

It reminds of what works with coaching groups. Its time. Nothing wins and helps more than a bit of one on one. People truly like it. Note to self. Spend time with your leaders.

It doesn’t have to be a just a breakfast. I was privileged to make a hospital call for one of our leaders. He was not having a good day. Our time together was rich. We both were grateful for the time together.

I did notice after my visit how the connection with that leader was at a new level. Once again, it was time. I’m learning what it takes to coach.

Time is what our folks need.


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