Follow up from OCEA-Creating Healthy Communities

For those that joined me at the workshop, thanks for a lively discussion. We hit all the important issues in growing a group. Whether you run a Sunday School, an Adult Bible Fellowship or a Small Group the principles we discussed will help you run a strong and healthy community group.

Here’s the five components we focused on:






Every group needs to become more proficient at these five. You never really arrive. You may do well at one and find later that its fallen apart. So its a constant learning, constant vigilance to ensure your group is heading in the right direction.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be unpacking these five. There is so much more to them than we were able to cover.

I certainly enjoyed leading our time this morning. As I went through it I was impressed again how valuable people are. It is the little things we do that makes such a difference in others. Taking a meal, getting to know another, spending time listening, opening up the Word together can all be done with a gentle sensitivity for individuals. How God wants us to help each other. In his plan there are no little people, no one who’s not worth care. That’s what I learned.

How about you? What did you learn?

Attached is the handout from our time together.



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