Sunday Prep — ReGroup part 1

I’m looking at doing the Re-Group DVD series in my ABF for the next few weeks. There’s good content on the why & how of groups. This DVD is done by three guys I really respect in the groups world: Bill Donohue, Henry Cloud & John Townsend.

This week’s lesson in on “why community.” There’s about an hour of material on the DVD and only a half hour for teaching. Here lies the problem …what to edit? What is the most important segment that will hit the topic best in the time allotted?

My thoughts so far are to cut all but the middle segment. They first segment gives a number of great stories told from different people about the effect of groups in their lives. It’s real good. It has a nice emotional tug. It has a variety of perspectives from all sorts of people. Yet the meat of the explanation is in segment two and that part is 12 minutes. So if I’m going to have any time for discussion it can only be one of these. Therefore, I’m probably stuck with teaching it from a slightly more heady segment.

Yet maybe I could do a four week segment?? hmm Then I could include the good emotional tug that segment one offers.

More to come as I think it through.


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