Sunday Ready — ReGroup part 1

Here’s where I’ve landed for Sunday after some thought. When I read Bonhoeffer this week I knew I had to put it into the lesson. It’s way too powerful and I’m really connecting with his push.

So, we’re going look at Hebrews 10:24 & 25. This is a biblical view of community. We’ll counter it with Bonhoeffer’s caution about forcing our perspective on the ideal community group. His point is we must accept the community that is there, strong or weak. Then we’ll use the ReGroup video from Session 1, Segment 1. They have a number of people giving good and bad examples of what has happened in groups. The wrap and takeaway will focus on questioning our desire for the “perfect” group. Additionally, we’ll look at if our ideal of community is biblical.

Here’s my notes for Sunday.

ReGroup – Week 1


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