Sunday Recap — ReGroup week1

We had a great day on Sunday getting our ABF into the idea of community. Two things went really well yesterday.

First, the quotes from Bonhoeffer really resonated with the group. People really got this difference between as Bonhoeffer says community, “is not an ideal, but a divine reality.” We force our expectations on others and it does ruin what the Lord has put together. Acceptance is crucial for us in a healthy community group. (see Ro 15:7) People also connected with the idea of disillusionment that must happen in groups. How can we not be disappointed with others and ourselves? Bonhoeffer wrote that this is a crucial step for groups to acknowledge disappointment in each other. Otherwise, we do endanger the good that the Lord has built. We took a good look at these issues in our ABF.

Second, the video of ReGroup Session 1 Segment 1 was a hit. This was a variety of people sharing the good and the hard things they’ve experienced in groups. I had a number of folks talk about how it powerfully impacted them. The video led really well into small group discussion about the issues brought up. We could also discuss the differences between the ideal community and this divine reality.

If you want to see my Powerpoint I’ve attached a pdf of each slide. It might help you. What will definitely help you is to read the first chapter of Living Together by Bonhoeffer. He has so many challenging words to speak to the church.


summit 4-11


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